Sukkot Camping 2014


Celebration of Sukkot

October 8th – October 17th, 2014

Cedar Pond Campground, 2741 Fairview Rd, Leesville, SC 29070.

     It’s that time of year for us to begin preparations for the 2014 Gates to Zion Ministries Sukkot Celebration. We’re looking for this year’s gathering to be the best ever.

      The Sukkot celebration will again be at Cedar Pond Campground, 2741 Fairview Rd, Leesville, SC 29070.The campground is located on a pond and has a nice wooded area for camp sites. It has a bathhouse with shower/toilet facilities accommodations for men and women. As in the past, the limited campsites with water/electric will be assigned on first come basis or to ones with physical requirements.

First day for Set-up is Wednesday, October 8th and last day for Breakdown is Friday, October 17 th.

 Note: The Eighth Day Holy Convocation, Shemini Atzeret, begins sundown Wednesday, October 15th and ends sundown Thursday, October 16th. Since this is a High Sabbaton (Shabbat), the schedule breaking down of camp will be Friday, October 17th. Ones who are not able to stay the entire time can make their plans accordingly to when they will need to break camp.

      Anyone planning on setting up earlier than the 8th or staying longer than the 17th will incur an additional cost. Each individual desiring to do so is responsible to make these additional payments to the campground owner. However, all site selection and coordination must be made through the Campground Facilitators, Josh & Sherri Thompson, prior to any set up.

      Pets will be allowed but only in designated areas. The campground requires that any pets must be kept on a leash at all times and not allowed to run free. So please take that into consideration before bringing your pet. We also ask that you bring the necessary pet ‘clean up’ items to ensure our campground is maintained clean. Pets will not be allowed in or around the designated kitchen/dining and children play areas.

      Those desiring to participate (campers and non-campers) in the Sukkot activities must complete and return the following registration forms by September 6th along with appropriate registration fee. Please note that non-campers are invited to come fellowship and participate in all events, however, the required registrations must be made in advance. You will note there is a form for “Campers” and one for “Non-Campers”. The forms are to be mailed or given to Josh & Sherri Thompson, 366 Lester Frick Road, Chapin, SC 29036. Should you have any questions please call Josh at (803) 917-9722 or Sherri at (803) 206-5855. Please note if you do not have printing capabilities, a supply of the forms will be at Glenforest or mailed to you upon request.

      Those registering will be sent Camping Details/Information Packets which will assist you in your preparations, i.e. schedule of activities, facilities available at campground, guidelines and other helpful tips.

      As we’ve learned, all plans are subject to change by the Ruach HaKodesh so ‘flexibility’ is of utmost importance. Even though this is going to be a time of great fun, fellowship, food, teachings, midrashing, games and just getting to know one another better; let us not lose sight that it is also a time to draw close to YHWH, be sensitive to the moving of the Ruach HaKodesh, and attentive to all He desires to reveal to us. May we truly experience, if even for a moment, the bride coming before her King!


Until the redeemed of YHWH return with singing unto Zion…. and we celebrate the ultimate Feast of Sukkot in Yerushalayim!


Gates to Zion Ministries

PO Box 777

Chapin, SC 29036