The Counting of the Omer

The counting of the Omer’ has always been an integral part of YHWH’s will in the destiny of His covenant nation of Yisrael’. When Yisrael left Mitzrayim/Egypt in the exodus with Moshe, they were setting out for a meeting with YHWH at Mt. Sinai. It was there, they were to receive the Torah, YHWH’s loving Instructions’, that would teach His people how to live’, and walk in His ways’. In its essence, the Torah was a ketubah’, or wedding contract‘. It was YHWH’s offer to Yisrael, to become united with Him in marriage. However, before Yisrael would be ready for such a wonderful destiny, something would have to happen to transform them‘ for such a holy destiny.

The rabbis tell us, that during Yisrael’s enslavement in Mitzrayim/Egypt, they had fallen into a terrible state of  moral/spiritual declension’. In fact, if they had fallen any further, then they would have lost any hope of redemption. YHWH in His great mercy, sent Yisrael a deliverer in Moshe Rabbeinu (Our Teacher). Under Moshe’s leadership, Yisrael was led out of Mitzrayim/Egypt by YHWH’s outstretched arm of power‘, and provision’. YHWH’s people were about to experience a great transformation.

It took 50 days (49 + 1), in order for Yisrael to reach their destination at Mt. Sinai. The number 50 in Torah has to do with Yovel‘, or Jubilee’. It is a time, when the captives are set free, and all debts are cancelled. The people of Yisrael in that seven week period‘ had become a holy nation. YHWH called them His Am Segulah/Treasured People’. It was there at Mt. Sinai, YHWH offered His Torah’ to Yisrael, and they accepted. It was with a great display of lightenings’, and ‘thunderings’ (lit. torches and voices in Hebrew), that YHWH brought Yisrael to be His betrothed bride.

The ‘restoration of the Whole House of Yisrael’ is today, in great need of transformation’. This great need, is for both individual’, as well as corporate transformation’. As we look out on the landscape of the Messianic restoration, it almost looks like an impossible hope, that Yisrael might ever become ONE NATION again. However, what is impossible with men’, is most definitely possible’ with YHWH!

So, as we enter this Omer count’ today, let us with great faith’ believe, what YHWH did for Yisrael of old’, He will again do for Yisrael today’. It is written, and prophesied in YHWH’s word, the Tabernacle of David’ will again be raised up. Yet, it will not be with the ingenuity, and strength of men. No! It will be by His Ruach HaKodesh/Spirit of Holiness! Please read over the following instructions on counting the Omer’ with heart felt kavanah/intensity’ as you count. Pray for YHWH to do a great work of transformation’ for you, and the Whole House of Yisrael. Cry out for your own heart, and for Yisrael as a whole. May YHWH hear our cry, and answer us. O Abba YHWH, know our thoughts. See if there be any wicked way in us, and lead us in the way everlasting.’ (Tehillim/Psalms 139:23-24)

The Omer Prayer And Count

In the Omer Count’, you always begin with the traditional prayer’. You will find this prayer on the Omer Counting Page. The Omer Count’ goes for seven full weeks’, and one extra day. You begin, by counting the days of the first week like this. ‘Today is day one of the Omer count.’ This is followed by, ‘Today is day two of the Omer count.’ You do this until the seventh day’. Then, you will say, Today is seven days, which is one week of the Omer.’ The second week’, you will say, ‘Today is eight days, which is one week, and one day of the Omer,’ and so on. You will continue like this through all seven weeks’ and one day’. At the end, we will have arrived at Shavuot!

When The Omer Is Counted

The Omer’, is usually counted approximately 30 minutes after’ sundown. Although it may be counted any time after that; the rabbis say, if you forget to count in the evening, you may count the next day up until sundown. However, you should not say the prayer, only the Omer Count’.

What if you forget to count a day? Brother Judah says, if you forget to count the entire day, then you are not allowed to continue the count’. You may join others who count, but you are not allowed to count yourself. This idea comes from the fact, we are told by Moshe to count seven FULL weeks’. This mean complete’, and if you miss one complete day’, then the count is not complete’. However, at Gates To Zion Ministries’, we believe Abba YHWH is able to show grace’ should you forget. I am not trying to allow for personal disregard’, or laxity’. The Omer Count’ is VERY important, and an integral part’ of YHWH’s commandments’ concerning the transformation process’ leading up to the Mo’ed/Appointed Time, Chagim/Feast of Shavuot’. I am simply stating, if one genuinely’ fails to count the Omer’ on a specific day’, then certainly, a heart felt prayer of forgiveness’ would be honored before YHWH in the greatness of His mercy. Let us strive to obey always. Yet, when we fall short’, then let us fall upon Abba’s grace’, and with repentant hearts’ carry on.

May our blessed Abba YHWH  help us, as we pray, and count. I pray we may all come to this celebration of Shavuot, with joy’, and great expectancy’ this year.

Joe Snipes
Gates To Zion Ministries

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