Omer Counting Prayer For The Whole House Of Yisrael

downloadAs we go through these next weeks approaching Shavuot, it should be a time of heartfelt prayer and intercession for each of us. This includes the entire Body of Mashiach and YHWH's desire to regather the Whole House of Yisrael. The following is a prayer that would be a good addition to the prayers we are praying during this time along with our daily counting of the Omer. The daily count is not just about counting. It is about transformation. This is both personal as well as the corporate manifestation of the Whole House of Yisrael. We know that it is in YHWH's eternal purpose to reunite His House. However, like Daniel of old, when he found through the reading of YHWH's prophetic promise through Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah to deliver the house of Jewish Yisrael from their punishment of captivity for seventy years in Babylon, took it upon himself to begin to cry out to YHWH to see that promise fulfilled. He went into prayer and fasting, coupled with teshuvah/repentance to see YHWH do what He had promised through His prophet. Beloved, we too must follow this godly example in this hour today. Let us call out and remind YHWH of His prophetic promises concerning His Whole House. Let us cry out for that fulfillment to be given to us in this hour. I believe if we will, we will see the same results as Daniel did in his day. Our blessed YHWH our Mighty One will respond to our prayers too. I challenge you to use the following prayer often during this time as we count the Omer and believe YHWH for His promised transformation. Amein!

YHWH our Elohim…

we come to you in the Name of our blessed Mashiach Yeshua. Please hear our prayer. Be gracious to us and bless the Whole House of Yisrael. Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us and show us Your great salvation. We cry out to You today, to turn our captivity, the captivity of the Whole House of Yisrael. Strengthen us, purify us. You are the Mighty and Awesome One. You know our hearts and the secrets of our innermost being. We call upon You in all of Your graciousness and holiness. Blessed be the Name and glory of Your Kingdom for ever and ever.

Master of the Universe, You have commanded us to count the Omer through Your servant, Moshe. In blessed obedience to Your great Torah, as we count, purify us from evil and uncleanness. Purify us from argument and division. Purify us from pride and a judgmental spirit. You have commanded us to count seven full weeks and a day, so the souls of Your people Yisrael may be delivered and transformed. That we might again be found worthy to be called Your Am Segulah, Your Treasured People.

Therefore may it be Your will YHWH, our Mighty One, and the Mighty One of our fathers, in obedience to the Omer we have counted today: May the Whole House of Yisrael be transformed and conformed to the image of Your Son, our blessed Yeshua HaMashiach. May You quickly be able to bring about the reunion of the Whole House of Yisrael, the house of Yehudah/Judah and the house of Yosef/Ephraim/Yisrael in answer to this prayer. May all of Yisrael be rectified and purified, and made ready again to receive our blessed Mashiach Yeshua in order that we may be able to enter into Your blessed Great Shabbat, the Kingdom of the Heavens on earth. May we quickly and in our day become ONE nation, ONE house, ONE Kingdom with our M'lech Mashiach/King Messiah ruling over Yisrael and the whole earth in glory from His throne in Yerushalayim/Jerusalem. Amein.

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