June 8th Shabbat Service With Kenny Russell

GTZ is again welcoming Kenny Russell as a Guest Speaker on Saturday, June 8th.  Kenny will be ministering during the regular Shabbat Service which starts at 2:30 pm.  This will be a One Day Only Opportunity.  Kenny has visited two other times with GTZ and each time has given enlightenment of the prophetic alignment YHWH is accomplishing during these “Acharit HaYamim”, the Latter Days. You may go to go to the Audio tab above and click on Guest Teachers. Click on Kenny Russell to listen to his last meeting with us.

Kenny’s eyes have been opened into the revelation of YHWH’s restoration through the return to Torah and the Hebraic Roots.  He brings a message of faith, unity, deliverance, restoration, and spiritual preparation and operation.  Kenny’s message is shining YHWH’s Light of the Word, the Living Torah and the Written Torah throughout the Nations. We are excited that YHWH has again made it possible for Kenny to be with us at Gates To Zion Ministries.

Kenny is originally from Scotland, but now he and his family make their home in the Northern Galilee of the Land of Yisrael.

You are invited to come out and join us as Kenny ministers.  We will have our regular Praise & Worship time and Kenny will begin ministering immediately afterward. 
Finger foods and Fellowship immediately following the service in cafeteria area.We look forward to seeing you then.