Fundamental Principles Of The Restoration Of The Whole House Of Yisrael

Restoration 101

By: Joe Snipes


This study is designed to help orient those who are coming into the restoration of the Hebraic mindset to understand what YHWH’s purpose was in the creation of His nation Yisrael. YHWH’s redemptive purpose has always included His nation. It is both a physical and spiritual reality. There has NEVER been a point where this nation has NOT been within His purpose. This study is designed to reveal this very intrical part of YHWH’s Eternal Purpose. The restoration of the Whole House of Yisrael is a part of the greater plan of redemption which includes the restoration of ALL things. This, again, brings about the need for our being reacclamated to the Hebraic mindset. May YHWH bless all who take the time to read, study, apply and begin their journey along this ancient path.

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