Barry Ford

In Memory Of Barry Ford

This posting is in memory of our dear brother and friend Barry Ford. Barry passed away just before the turn of this year. His passing was sudden and we as a congregation are still working through the emotions that accompany his graduation. Though our time together seems so short, we have many wonderful memories to reflect upon. Memories that help us cope with his absence in the flesh. YHWH be praised for allowing us to have this special moment in time with His son and servant.

YHWH sent Barry to us in the latter portion of 2007. He attended our Torah Study group in Simpsonville, SC in the home of Bill and Diana Massey. Barry quickly made a home for himself both there and in our main congregation in Columbia. It was just a short time later that Barry’s abilities with audio and video also came into play. The background he had obtained through the years working with bands utilizing those very skills was in preparation for his time to come with our ministry. Those talents were quickly recognized and Barry became an integral part of GTZ from the weekly Shabbat services and Power Meetings, to the Feast celebrations throughout the year. Barry ran the audio/video portion of our ministry with wisdom, smoothness and great care.

In time Barry also took over the duties of being the Web Servant for GTZ. This took our ministry to a whole new level of expression as we began to make an impact on the World Wide Web. Barry handled the posting of our weekly Torah commentaries, but also the posting of each week’s Shabbat worship music as well as the music for each Tuesday’s Power Meeting. We received notifications from all over the world of different individuals as well as groups/congregations who were being blessed by these offerings. Barry also utilized the function of Constant Contact for the sending out of e-mail notifications. This kept those who desired to know about the efforts of Gates To Zion Ministries both on a local as well as a national/inter-national level informed as to what was going on with us

In 2009 Barry was blessed to have gone on one of our ministry trips to The Land of Yisrael. It was such a wonderful time for all involved. Barry loved The Land as all of the pictures taken during that time showed. In memory of that time, GTZ planted a olive tree in one of the communities to which our ministry has ties. It is there heralding his memory and in time will be bearing fruit to his loving faithfulness as the Son of Zion that he is.

Bottom line, there weren’t too many areas of our ministry that wasn’t touched in some way either by Barry’s giftings, his willingness to help in any way as a brother and servant, or just with his character and sense of humor. We were all blessed in our congregation to have had the privilege of knowing and serving along side our dear brother. Barry you will be sorely missed, but you will never be forgotten. We will see you again in Melech Mashiach’s/King Messiah’s soon coming Kingdom.

Much Love,

The Gates To Zion Ministry and Congregation