Statement of Faith


1.      That the Bible consists of the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings, and the Brit Chadasha (New Testament). It is the only infallible, inerrant, and authoritative word of Elohim (God). We recognize its divine inspiration and accept its teachings as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.  We believe that the Torah has not been done away with nor replaced, but is administered by the SPIRIT of HOLINESS under the ReNewed Covenant.

2.      That the unity of Elohim, whose name is YHVH, is taught in the Shema. Elohim is one – echad: Father, Son and Spirit.

3.      That Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus the Christ) is YHVH incarnate, the sinless atoning sacrifice, crucified for our sins, resurrected on the third day.

4.      That man was created in the image of YHVH but through disobedience fell and became separated from Elohim.  ‘For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” – Rom 3:23.  Man’s only hope for redemption is by having faith in Messiah Yeshua.  Initial salvation has always been by faith through grace, and that works of law, or righteous acts, have never saved anyone.  Once man comes into redemption through believing upon Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, this begins the work of sanctification in the believer by the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of Holiness.  Php 2:12 ….. “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

5.      That the 7th Day is the day that YHVH sanctified, called “holy” and designated as the day for His people to keep as His Sabbath

6.      That the Feasts of YHVH are given by Elohim, with their fulfillment in the Messiah Yeshua, are still valid and to be observed.

7.      That the election of Israel as Elohim’s People is irrevocable. We believe in the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.


1.      Embrace man-made traditions that supersede or are in opposition to the Holy Scriptures.

2.      Embrace any form of humanistic ministry or their interpretations of the Holy Scriptures.

3.      Embrace dispensationalism in which God changes and thus the standard by which He measures righteousness.

4.      Embrace replacement theology meaning that Nation of Israel is replaced with the Christian Church.