Updated: 01/23/2015

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Parasha 15 Bo (Come or Go)  Shemot/Exodus

10:1 –13:16

swarm of locusts

We are now reaching the climax of the judgments of YHWH on Mitzrayim/Egypt. We have had seven, and now the stage is set for the last three. The pride and arrogance of Mitzrayim and their false mighty ones/non-gods have suffered terrible defeat and humiliation. It seems the entire existence of Mitzrayim’s religious, socio-economic, and political infrastructure is teetering on the brink of complete collapse. All of this is because YHWH is proving to everyone that He alone is the Mighty One of heaven and earth. The Pharaoh of Yosef’s/Joseph’s day was used to show the sovereignty of YHWH’s power in mercy and blessing. YHWH blessed Mitzrayim/Egypt because this Pharaoh blessed Yosef/Joseph. The Pharaoh of Moshe’s day was the complete opposite. He, in his arrogance, refused to acknowledge the Mighty One of the Hebrews. He sought to prove his dominion over them by cruel slave labor. To this Pharaoh YHWH will show His sovereignty by judgment. When He is finished, all of Mitzrayim/Egypt will know the Mighty One of the Hebrews and how great His Name is!

As will see in this parasha, all of these judgments will become part of the Feast of Pesach (Passover). It will be a time of perpetual remembrance for the whole nation of Yisrael. In fact, YHWH tells Moshe,

“And Hashem [YHWH] said unto Moshe, Go in unto Pharaoh; for I have hardened his lev [heart], and the lev [heart] of his avadim [servants], that I might show these My otot [signs] before him; And that thou mayest tell in the ears of thy ben [son], and of thy ben’s ben [son’s son- grandson], what things I have wrought in Mitzrayim, and My otot [signs] which I have done among them; that ye may have da’as [knowledge] that I am Hashem [YHWH].” (Shemot/Exodus 10:1-2 OJB- emphasis/definitions mine)


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