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Parahsha 20: Tetzaveh (You Shall Command)  Shemot/Exodus 27:20 – 30:10


*All Scripture References from The Orthodox Jewish Bible- Referred To As OJB- unless otherwise noted

Joe Snipes (Torah Teacher) Gates To Zion Ministries

download The menorah is traditionally the most recognized symbol of Yisrael. It is this way on a few levels of interest. First, because it is the instrument that provides natural light within the second compartment of the Mishkan/Tabernacle [The Holy Place].  Second, it is the source of spiritual light not only in the Mishkan/Tabernacle, but to Yisrael and ultimately to the whole world. Lastly, it is a direct representation of the Mashiach. It is interesting that the menorah was known among Yisrael as The light of the world. When Rebbe Yeshua spoke this of Himself, every Jewish ear knew immediately what He was saying.

“Then again he spoke to them, saying, Ani Hu HaOhr HaOlam Hazeh [I Am He The Light of The World]. The one following me will never walk in choshech [darkness], but will have the Ohr HaChayyim [Light of the Life].” (Yochanon/John 8:12 OJB- definitions mine)

“As long as I am in the Olam Hazeh [Present World], I am the Ohr HaOlam. [Light of The World]” (Yochanon/John 9:5 OJB- definitions mine)

Now, in the opening verses of our parasha we find that YHWH is commanding that all of Yisrael is to be responsible for the bringing of the olives from which the oil for the Ner Tamid/perpetual light was to be made. Most of the oil that was used for burning in the lamps at this time was made from animal fat. The light produced was not clear like that of the oil from the olive, and it produced a residue that was dirty. Even the way in which the oil was to be extracted from the olive was important. It was to be pressed not crushed. This insured that the oil was clear of residue. This process was tedious. By pressing the olive each effort only produced a few drops of the actual oil. These initial drops when packaged are what is known as virgin olive oil. This oil is very precious and the most expensive. These first drops of oil are called Mother Drops.

The Light Of The Menorah Is The Torah

“For the mitzvah [commandment] is a ner (lamp); and torah [instructions] an ohr [light]; and tokhakhot musar (reproofs of discipline) are the Derech Chayyim. [Path of Life]” (Mishle/Proverbs 6:23 OJB- definitions mine)

Beloved, there have been translation errors committed by the scribes of the church of Christendom in regard to the Messianic Scriptures/Matthew-Revelation. Whether it was a purposeful effort to obscure the truth about the Torah, or one that occurred at random due to ignorance of the Hebraic mindset, it has happened. The end result has been a major cause of confusion. Regardless, it doesn’t change the trustworthiness of the original manuscripts. With a little added effort, we can overcome the skewing of the true meaning reflected in many of the translations of the Bibles we have today. However, in the process, we must not make the mistake which some have of discounting the authenticity of the Messianic Scriptures as a whole. It simply should make us more diligent to search out the true intended meaning of those passages against the whole of Scripture within its Hebraic setting. One of the reasons the so called New Covenant, the Messianic Scriptures, look so different from its older counterpart (the TaNaKh/Torah-Prophets-Writings-The Hebrew Scriptures- wrongfully referred to as the Old Covenant) is the latter is actually YHWH’s intended source of defining the words of all Scripture. When the Torah is ignored or rejected, then you are forced to make new definitions for the Messianic writings. This is the case with the theology of the Church of Christendom. The intended meanings are lost or skewed, and so the ONENESS of the whole of Scripture is disrupted. It’s when we put the Scriptures back into their intended Hebraic setting that the intrinsic unity is recovered.

The above Scripture verse shows us how YHWH defines His light originating from the Torah. The mitzvah or commandment is a lamp, and Torah is THE light. It is as we allow YHWH to discipline us through the light of Torah by His Ruach that His path that leads to life [His will] becomes clear to us. The enlightenment/revelation that comes from this process is how the path of life becomes real to our heart and mind. The light of YHWH is not just a light. The words of YHWH’s Torah IS His light! Torah is not merely an option that we can either choose or ignore.

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