Updated: 09/26/15

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Parasha 51: Nitzavim (You Are Standing) Devarim/Deuteronomy 29:9 (8)-30:20

*All Scripture References from The Orthodox Jewish Bible- Referred to as OJB- unless otherwise noted

Joe Snipes (Torah Teacher) Gates To Zion Ministries

We are now entering into the final stage of Moshe’s speech to Am Yisrael. This parasha is usually read together with Va’Yeilech/And He Went Out, except when two Sabbaths fall between Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot, and there is no Holy Day that coincides. When that happens, they are read separately as this time.  Let us take a moment to review the breakdown of this speech, in order to ready us for these last words of Torah to our heart.

1) The Introduction- Chapters 1-4
2) The Main Body- Chapters 5-26
3) The Covenant- Chapters 27-28
4) The Call To Repentance- Chapters 29-30

The words of YHWH which we are about to encounter, have the possibility of one of two outcomes. We either ‘do’ what we have heard, or we ‘do not’ do what we have heard. Let us remember, the Word of YHWH does not come without producing some effect in our lives.  (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55:11) Having once heard, we can NEVER say, ‘We did not know’. All excuses for our failure ‘to do’ are removed. Beloved, just as Yisrael is standing before YHWH here in our Torah parasha, we too will stand before Him individually at some point. We will give an account. YHWH is determined that we have every opportunity to fulfill His eternal purpose for us in our lives. Let us remember, the secret to that fulfillment is always close at hand. It is not far away. May Abba multiply His chesed/grace and His rachum/mercy toward us as we go on.

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