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Parasha 6: Toldot (Generations) B’resheet/Genesis 25:19 – 28:9


toldot - Hebrew script



As we enter into this parasha YHWH is drawing our attention to the lineage of His chosen vessel, Abraham. The meaning of our portion Toldot is generations in Hebrew. Immediately upon opening this parasha YHWH makes an emphatic statement about Yitzchak/Isaac. We read,

“And these are the toldot [generations] of YITZCHAK BEN AVRAHAM [Isaac Son Of Abraham]: Avraham FATHERED Yitz’chak [Isaac].(B’resheet/Genesis 25:19 OJB- emphasis/ definitions mine)

Why does the Torah make this opening statement so clear? Because the accuser of the brethren/Hasatan (may his memory be blotted out forever) is always out to cast doubt on the veracity of YHWH’s purposes. Abraham and Sarah had gone for years without child. Now suddenly she was pregnant. Whose child was it? What of Abraham and Sarah’s deceitfulness with the Pharaoh in Mitzrayim/Egypt or Abimelech King of Gerar? Abraham had used both situations as opportunities for self-preservation and Sarah had gone along with his plan. Each time she had been placed into a compromising situation. Each of these men had desired to take Sarah as one of his wives. However, YHWH had prevailed and delivered her. Given these situations, a well-placed accusation could have had detrimental consequences. Also, due to the close proximity of Gerar to Cana’an the most immediate inference could be made that the boy was the son of Abimelech!

This is why YHWH was so quick to deal with Abraham’s failure, especially in the instance with Abimelech. YHWH prevented Abraham’s seed from being tainted by intervening with Abimelech in a dream before he had touched Sarah sexually. He threatened to bring judgment on Abimelech and his people. While the compromise was averted, it did leave an opening for the enemy to work his dark intentions through lashon hara (the evil tongue). Thus you have YHWH’s emphatic statement in the very opening of our parasha as to the surety of Abraham’s son, Yitz’chak/Isaac, being his.

Beloved, the enemy will always do all he can at the outset to physically hinder and destroy YHWH’s purposes. Why? Because this is the point of most vulnerabily. If that should fail, then he picks up his next most potent weapon…accusation. How careful we must be at every step not to play into the enemy’s hand in a way that will abort YHWH’s purpose. Even more so, remembering to keep our walk centered in His ways through Torah obedience. One act of seeming insignificance, a momentary lapse of reason, and the door is opened for Hasatan (may his memory be blotted out forever) to begin his evil campaign of casting doubt upon our efforts, and ultimately upon YHWH’s holiness.

YHWH had to act clearly here, because of Who was to come through Abraham’s generations. Our blessed Master Yeshua, the Mashiach, must trace His lineage back to the avinu/our father of faith, Abraham. (see Mattityahu/Matthew 1:1-16) Our redemption and the fulfillment of Abba’s eternal purpose demanded that YHWH act clearly and decisively.

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